A devotional collection from four novelists!

There is absolutely no substitute for the high-octane surge of God’’s full-on grace. It’s irreplaceable! Can it really be that, as we navigate the high wire act of our busy lives, God’s grace forms a quiet safety net beneath us? When we don’t have the ability or even the drive to accomplish God’s will for our lives, His grace is there. Or when we’ve chosen the wrong path, His grace is a heartbeat away to dust us off and show us the way home.

In 100 upbeat and thought provoking devotions, the authors help us find truth in the middle of our crazy lives. Instead of putting our hope in good works, careers, the perfect family, or a double shot of espresso, they remind us to rely on God’s supply of grace that never runs dry.

Lighthearted, but heartwarming. Gripping and thought-provoking. Perfect for contemplation or gift-giving.

Part of the book’s proceeds are donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, making the words of the devotions meaningful when they’re purchased as well as when they’re read.


“The devotions in this collection are filled with equal amounts of humor, poignancy, and hey-girlfriend-I’ve-been-there wisdom that will touch all women on some level. What a delightful way to be reminded of God’s grace!”

– Debby Mayne, author of Sweet Baklavaand the upcoming Class Reunion series


“Heartwarming and encouraging, His Grace is Sufficient…But Decaf is Not will inspire you to new heights and refresh your spirit. If you’re short on time but yearn for meaningful truths to start your day, this is the book for you.”

– Diann Hunt, author of Love Letters in the Sand


“Sandra D. Bricker, Loree Lough, Trish Perry & Cynthia Ruchti have just the right blend of sass and sanctity. Each devo will be an extra shot of blessing to readers!”

– Andrea Boeshaar, author of the acclaimed Seasons of Redemption series


“Care for a double shot of espresso? Why not make that a quadruple? These four ladies have perked up a rich, fragrant brew, full to the brim with a generous serving of God’s grace. With transparency and honesty, the authors open their lives and invite us in for a time of fellowship and spiritual refreshment. This is the perfect devotional for those seeking an inspiring pick-me-up.”

– Virginia Smith, award-winning author of A Daughter’s Legacy and Lost Melody (with Lori Copeland)


“With both humor and poignancy, these devotions will draw you into the writers’ lives like they’re old friends, and they will also draw your heart into the Father’s arms. This is a wonderful collection that will jump-start your day like a good cup o’ Joe.”

– Camy Tang, author of Protection for Hire and Stalker in the Shadows and contributor to the Patchwork Mysteries series


“Full strength – that describes their coffee, and their God. With loads of wit and hard-won wisdom, these women serve up hope with an extra shot of joy. You will laugh out loud and go through your day knowing that, even when I feel weak, ‘My God is strong enough.'”

– Kath Lipp, speaker and author of several books, including The Husband Project


“This devotional should be labeled “Manual for Life.” The authors show the pains, problems and persisting nightmares of everyday life and balance them with the light of hope in Jesus.  I definitely recommend His Grace is Sufficient…But Decaf is Not for anyone seeking to find God’s assurance and encouragement.  And for those of us who can only tolerate a tiny bit of caffeine, you can definitely read this book with a good cup of decaf – despite what the title suggests.”

– Tracie Peterson, best-selling author of over 85 novels, including Striking A Match, Song of Alaska and the Heirs of Montana series


“Looking for a cup of grace as your day begins? A way to reconnect with your Father and His heart first thing in the morning? A jolt to your faith and a salve of grace to your heart? Then be sure to read this gem of a devotional. As you smile or say “oh-me,” you will be overwhelmed by a fresh realization that our Father’s grace truly is sufficient.”

– Cara C. Putman, author of Stars in the Night


“These are devotions that bring the words of the Bible into the 21st Century and illustrate how God is the same today as He always was…and will be. I know these four women, and they walk the talk. These daily messages will bless your day.”

– Lena Nelson Dooley, award-winning author of Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, and the McKenna’s Daughters series


“This collection of daily readings packs a jolt of grace that reminds the reader that God doesn’t skimp when he fills our cups to running over. The authors are transparent about their own need for God’s abundant, never-decaffeinated grace, and their stories invite others to sip the same fully loaded delight.”

– Michelle Rayburn, writer and speaker, wife, mother, and daughter of an ovarian cancer survivor


“Grace is the most marvelous and mysterious of God’s gifts, and these wonderful writers give us fresh, relevant insights on this oldest and most treasured theme of undeserved favor. A wonderful way to begin the day – or end it.”

– Susan Meissner, author of Lady in Waiting


“What do you get when you merge four of my favorite authors, a cup of coffee and a grace-filled message? One of the best devotionals for women in recent years. His Grace is Sufficient…But Decaf is Not invigorates the soul in much the same way that your morning cup o’ joe invigorates the body. Highly recommended.”

– Janice Hanna Thompson, author of Hello Hollywood!


“Each entry is like a bite-sized piece of delicious food: sweet, filling, and wholly satisfying.  What a refreshing daily devotional on the subject of God’s amazing grace, written by four amazing authors.  A perfect accompaniment to my daily Bible readings.”

– Sharlene MacLaren, best-selling Author of Little Hickman Creek, Daughters of Jacob Kane andRiver of Hope


“His Grace Is Sufficient…But Decaf Is Not is the perfect blend of voices, hearts, experiences, and honest confessions from four well-known authors to women just like us. Sandie, Loree, Trish, and Cynthia have all walked in our shoes…and lived to tell about it. Better yet, they didn’t just survive the bumps and even nuclear explosions of life, they grew and blossomed in the middle of them. And now they’ve teamed up to offer the rest of us a “word in season” to encourage, uplift, strengthen, and bless us right when we need it most. A practical, pithy, and poignant collection of devotionals from sisters who care!”

– Kathi Macias, author of more than 30 books, including the bestselling women’s devotional A Moment A Day and Fall 2011 releases, Deliver Me From Evil and A Christmas Journey Home


“His Grace is SufficientBut Decaf is Not is a powerful compilation of encouragement and reminders of how big our God truly is, and that His grace is indeed more than we could ever need or want. The authors brought me to tears and laughter and — even better — challenged me in my daily walk with the Lord. Beautifully and simply written, this book is one to cherish and pass on to many.”

– Kimberley Woodhouse, author of Welcome Home: Our Family’s Journey to Extreme Joy, No Safe Haven, and Race Against Time


“What a fun, spirit-filled collection of daily devotionals! In His Grace is Sufficient…But Decaf is Not,  authors Sandie, Loree, Trish, and Cynthia have provided busy women with an easy-to-carry book that will help readers touch base with the Father, while gently reminding us that the gift of His grace really is sufficient!”

– Robin Bayne, author of the Carol Award-winning The Artist’s Granddaughter


“I’m honored to endorse His Grace is Sufficient…But Decaf is Not. Why? Because as a busy, always on-the-go woman, I need to start every morning with scripture. In this delightful collection, I’m blessed with accompanying anecdotes and prayers as well. Whether it’s beside my bed, on my desk, or in my car, His Grace helps me stay connected to my beloved triune God. Thanks to Sandie, Loree, Trish and Cynthia for providing me with this lovely inspirational, empowering book!”

– Shirley W. Mitchell, The Golden Egg of Aging™ author, writer, speaker, syndicated columnist & Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host and Owner/Host of the Aging Outside the Box® Syndicated Media Group


“In His Grace is Sufficient…but Decaf is Not!, these ladies have written a devotional book for the heart…and written pieces of their hearts into every devotion as well!”

– Laurie Alice Eakes, award-winning author of A Necessary Deception (#1 in Daughters of Bainbridge series) and Heart’s Safe Passage, #2 in The Midwives series