2 thoughts on “Cynthia Ruchti’s Holiday Cheer $100 Giveaway

  1. Oh Cynthia! I cannot thank you enough for this book! Oh my, I laughed, I cried, and I prayed. It deeply touched me. I travel the interstate through Hudson and Stillwater so often. My brother in law works there. I now have plans to visit since reading about how beautiful it is.
    The Christmas story, oh how I love it. How I loved your telling of it! Mom said I knew it by heart when I was only about 3 yrs old. So many memories!
    Yet Christmas is bittersweet for me, without my dad and mom alive. Dad died when I was 17. I miss him still. I love the thought of them spending an “endless Christmas” with Jesus. thank you!

  2. I have greatly enjoyed reading “All My Belongings”, “They Almost Always Come Home” and more by Cynthia. I find her writing succinct and captivating and am eager to read this new novella.

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