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  1. Christmas was always so magical when the kids were growing up. Hunting for that special tree was our family mission. Each year one of the family was given the honor of choosing the tree. Our daughter went for symmetry but our son when for size. One year his must have been 15’ tall. The top was a little bent by the ceiling. Now we don’t put up a tree. It’s kind of sad but we usually spend Christmas away visiting the kids. But it’s okay. However, there was one huge tree that made an attack while I was vacuuming. I really thought someone had clobbered me on the head. What a mess! Pretty funny after the fact. The trees were then anchored to the wall. Great memories!

  2. Every year we let the kids pick out a new ornament and then we also pick one family one to reflect the highlight of our year. After we get the tree up we watch The Very First Noel cartoon.

  3. Every year, our tradition was putting up the tree on Thanksgiving morning while the turkey was cooking.
    Lights, ornaments amd garland and of course the Angel on top.
    Precious memories to cherish especially since my mom has been gone for 9 years.

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