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I understood after the very first session with Cynthia Ruchti that this wasn’t going to be a weekend about writing; this was going to be a weekend about writing for God.


Topics include:

WRITER, WORSHIPER, WARRIOR: How to find fulfillment in a three-pronged life as we examine the story of King David at his best and worst.

WRITE AS IF IT MATTERS: Because it does…to our readers, to our own hearts, and to the Lord.

THE ANATOMY OF A NOVEL: Taking our cue from the amazing intricacies and intentionalities of God’s creation of humans, and tapping into His design for us to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, this series of four workshops explores the idea of bringing our novels to full, vibrant health.

TAMING TITLE TRAUMA: Baffled why your magazine editor didn’t appreciate your suggestion of “Gone With the Schwinn” as a title for your serious exposé on the rash of driveway burglaries in your neighborhood? Does choosing a title for your book take more time than writing it? Come learn some secrets–well, helpful hints–for taming title trauma.

ALMOST PERSUADED: Everyone including your mother tells you your writing is good. Then why has Focus on the Family rejected your devotional piece for teens six times? Why can’t you get a publisher to take a serious look at your contemporary romantic comedy written in Shakespearean English? This workshop may help you discover how to tailor your writing for today’s audience’s tastes, habits, preferences, and needs.

WRITING BY HEART: What does it cost to be a writer? What can a writer expect from life, from editors, from the Lord? Is it worth it?

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOOK (or Writing for Fun and Nonprofit): The average 1500-word magazine article can reach more readers than the average best-selling book, and the most wide-reaching may not be the best paying. If you’ve hesitated to call yourself a writer because you haven’t made the New York Times bestseller list, join this workshop and kiss your reticence goodbye.

VALIUM-FREE WAITING: Contrary to popular opinion, a writer’s most useful tool is not a state-of-the-art laptop, but the ability to wait with grace. Nice words. How do we pull that off without losing our sanity?

THE WRITER’S COUCH: Working through the concerns and questions all writers face and learning to do it with grace. This alphabet of writer worries and God’s prescriptions form a take-home book of reminders for the days that scream, “I need a little encouragement!”

DYNAMITE DEVOS: Learn not just the basics but sure-fire methods of writing devotionals with high impact.

HITTING DELETE BEFORE YOUR EDITOR DOES – THE JOY (SERIOUSLY) OF SELF-EDITING: Would you like to build a reputation as a writer whom editors consider easy to work with? Do you want to catch an editor’s attention with how little he has to do to ready your piece for publication? Are you willing to learn what it takes to nip-and-tuck your writing to afford it the best possible chance of garnering a contract? You’ll leave this fun (that’s right) workshop with practical tips and a new appreciation for the task of self-editing.

SHORT ON TIME, LONG ON TRUTH: WRITING SHORT SKITS FOR CHURCH: It’s an art form–writing short, snappy, sometimes humorous and sometimes deeply moving skits for church or other venues. Discover practical ways to enhance or set up the sermon, communicate eternal truths in a snippet of time, and get your point across through drama.



Cynthia really set the stage for the right attitude. [Her] beautiful worship leadership and devotionals kept me sensitive to the Lord’s presence during the highs and lows of the conference.


Our local chapter board of directors for American Christian Fiction Writers invited Cynthia Ruchti to speak to our group because she was a past national president of ACFW. The Minnesota Christian Writers Guild also featured Cynthia as a guest speaker. What a treasure of encouragement, knowledge, and expertise both writing groups discovered in Cynthia Ruchti. She blended personal Bible study with the needs of writers to benefit both the product and producer of prose. I highly recommend talented author and teacher Cynthia Ruchti to writing groups and women’s groups. Participants will be enriched. Beverly Snyder–Treasurer, ACFW-MN Novelists Inspiring Christian Excellence–Publications Secretary, Minnesota Christian Writers Guild


Whether Cynthia’s teaching a workshop, doing a keynote presentation, or meeting with conferees one on one, her Father’s heart shines through. Feedback on her sessions is always overwhelmingly positive and her name is often listed on evaluation forms as the faculty member who made the most impact. She’s direct, honest, engaging, creative, encouraging, inspiring, worshipful, and funny. Not only that, but she knows the industry well, she knows how to gently steer people in the right direction, she’s wise and discerning, and she genuinely cares for and loves on the conferees. I can’t imagine ever doing a conference without her. Twila Belk ~ The Gotta Tell Somebody Gal–Writer, Speaker, Radio Personality, Conference Director–Manager/PA of bestselling author Cecil (Cec) Murphey,