Your Story

Your story began long before you were bornBlackberry Pictures 030

Lightyears before

A man

And a woman

Thought they made a child.

But what they did was

Step into your picture,

The storyline,

The plot of who you would be.

Can you see?

You thought they made you,

Produced a baby.

And they helped,

But maybe

They’ve gotten credit for being

The main characters in the formation of you

When they were carriers.

The idea of you,

The thought of you,

Long eons ago,

So far back it’s inconceivable,

And yet you were.


In the mind and heart of God.

In the once upon a timeless.

And you grew.

And the path of your story went straight up.


No one’s ever does.

You flailed a while

And grasped at shiny things,

Not yet aware

That the shiniest

Was Him. God. Your Creator.

Your breaths started unevenly

Until you found your rhythm.

You bruised easily

When mistreated.

We all do.

You rode in the amniotic fluid of childhood.

Was yours a smooth ride?

Or a violent sloshing?

Either way

You rode it out and became what some call an adult.

To God, you’ll always be His child,

One He carries in His arms.

Over His shoulder, patting the bubbles out.

In a snuggly He’s strapped to His chest.

So you can be soothed by the unfailing pulse of His heartbeat.

Characters come and characters go

In the story of your life.

Some accompany you on your journey.

Some make your journey more difficult.

And a crisis hits

And a hint of denouement.

And the tension escalates

And it subsides.

Another chapter.

And another.

A cliff hanger, but you can’t leave it there,

Can’t turn the story of your life

Upside down on a tabletop

Until you feel like reading again,

Until you’re strong enough to go through the pain.

No, the pages keep turning

Whether you’re ready or not,

Whether you have time to read or not.

But it’s your story,

So you do.

And it’s His story—

The God who made you,

Who mapped out your life

Conflicts and all

Long eons ago.

Because He knew the day would come

When you would notice

The shiny thing

That caught your eye

Was Him.

And that the story was much more interesting

Read in His own penmanship.

From the page, even in the darkest passages,

A light glows.

You can barely read the words

But you can, because of the light.

His Name is Jesus. That Light.

“And the life (of Jesus) was the light for all people.

The light shines in the darkness

and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.” John 1:4-5 CEB

“But those who did welcome him,

those who believed in his name,

He authorized to become

God’s children,

Born not from blood

Nor from human desire or passion,

But born from God.

The Word became flesh

And made his home among us.

We have seen his glory,

Glory like that of a father’s only son,

Full of grace and truth.”  John 1:12-14, CEB


Look at the cover of your life.

See it there?

The Author’s name in letters larger than the title.

As it should be.

Jesus—the Author and editor

Of your faith story.

Hang on.

The ending will take your breath away.


Copyright 2013 Cynthia Ruchti


The Tremble on the Water

I’m facing a daunting deadline this week that makes me feel the need for speed, the press to hurry. But what I hear God saying is, “How can I whisper my answers to you if you don’t sit still?”

I can crank out my answers.

I’d rather have His. You, too?

How is that showing up in Your life this week? Are you mentally living a week or a month ahead of where you really are? Hear that two-fingered whistle? It’s the Lord calling you back to where He is so you can take the journey together.

Be Still Waters

Is Hope Wearing Thin?

If asked to rate where on this list you’d place the importance of hope, how would you respond?

  • Air
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Hope

Would it show up on your list without coaching? When facing a survival situation, what role does hope play?Hope and Basket

That’s one of the questions addressed in a new release–Ragged Hope, Surviving the Fallout of Other People’s Choices. Within the pages are stories of people like you and me walking through the aftermath and paying the consequences for someone else’s bad decision.

Hope can take a beating in the dailies of those consequences. It gets worn around the edges, tattered, loses its luster, grows thin like a toddler’s favorite blanket dragged through one too many adventures.

By contrast, the Bible describes the hope God gives as anchor-like. “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul,” Hebrews 6:19 NIV. The Common English Bible expresses it this way: “This hope, which is a safe and secure anchor for our whole being, enters the sanctuary behind the curtain.”

Behind the curtain! So, that’s where hope was hiding.

A safe and secure anchor no matter what storm is raging around us.

If your hope seems too weathered to be much help right now, please be assured that from God’s side, it is as solid as ever. You can depend on it.