Minnesota Christian Writers’ Guild Spring Seminar

Speaking on Designed to Sell and taking agent appointments


When you walk into a home, you can tell if it is the result of careful and thoughtful design. That’s true with our writing projects, too. For Christian writers, the importance increases. We want nothing to distract from God’s message to the heart, nothing to clutter the mind He desires to penetrate with His words of hope. We design our writing to take best advantage of the Light. In this multi-session workshop day, we’ll approach our writing projects from the viewpoint of a prospective homeowner walking up the sidewalk and through the front door of a home. Is it inviting? Does it show attention to detail? Can the reader (prospective buyer) envision himself or herself in that setting? It is literary decor out of date? What are the acoustics like, the landscaping, the foundation? Prepare to leave the workshop with a clearer understanding of how to “stage” your project so you can plant a “SOLD!” sign in its front yard.